Piteå bowlingklubb
One of Swedens most modern 8 track bowling hall. You will find us at the arena area in Piteå City. We have 8 bowling tracks with automatical point count and a nice café that can offer a light lunch or coffe. Our sound- and light installations will dazzle your senses!  
+46 0911 172 99 * www.bowlingarenan.se
Welcome to Bio 3an! Here you can watch the latest movies. Pick a night and a time that suits you and come and enjoy a good movie with us. In connection with your movie we also sell candy, soda, hot popcorn and chips. To see the movies that are showing and to book your ticket please visit our we ...
+46 0911 135 71 * www.bio3an.com
Örjan Lundholm
Among the treetops at our adventure course you can overcome your fears for heights and try a different adventure you will never forget.  Welcome to us!  
+46 070 347 66 33 * www.paintballtorpet.se
Mona Norman
Welcome to Lärtegården. We offer guided visits where you get to meet our donkeys Ruben and Rufus, our sheeps hen and the rouster named Seved and our 3 dogs. The visits has to be prebooked, please contact us for more information
+46 070-683 35 41
Pite Havsbad
Challenge, excitement or relaxation? The water park will entertain most people. Challenge a friend or colleague on the 81-metre water chute with a 10-metre drop and built-in timekeeping. Spin round a record number of times in the Space-bowl, which is guaranteed to end with a splash. Try out the ...
+46 0911 327 00 * www.pite-havsbad.se
Play tennis in Piteå.
+46 0911 166 00 * www.piteatennisklubb.se
Piteå Turistcenter
Welcome to 830 m2 health and wellbeing. With the sea as closest naighbour we enjoy pool, sauna, lounge, healthbar in a cosy environment. There's a sunterrace with a pool on the roof! Treat yourself to find your vacationmode or gather your friends to do something nice to start the evening.
+46 0911 327 00 * www.pite-havsbad.se
Örjan Lundholm
Rent one of our bouncy castles and let the kids play and have fun for hours. This is the perfect party because parents do not have to do more than look at how the kids tire themselves out. Top with cotton candy machine, and the day is perfect. Could it be better? This includes: inflatables f ...
+46 070-3476633 * www.paintballtorpet.se

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