Stina Eriksson
Jogging track adjacent to Pitholm School and Strömnäs GIF's office. Groomed ski trails in winter.
+46 0911 684 17 *
Jogging Track centrally located. 2.3 kilometers, 3.5 kilometers and 5.3 kilometers long. Classical and free style of 2.3 and 3.5 kilometers tracks. Classic style 5.3 kilometers on the track. See map in PDF. During the winter the track is lighted so you won't be skiing in the dark. The lighti ...
+46 0911 69 60 00
Stina Eriksson
Jogging and ski tracks in Hemmingsmark, about 20 km from the center of Piteå. Tracks: 3 km and 8 km.
+46 073 801 26 75
Lindbäcksstadion is in the winter a ski and adventure arena, FUN Park and varied skiing for both beginners and experienced skiers. Winter 3 slopes, two lifts and cross-country skiing tracks, ski shooting alley, children's slope and a FUN Park. Besides skiing, there are a variety of activities ...
Stina Eriksson
Trail for exercise close to the center of Piteå. Start at Strömlida hill. The track is 3.2 kilometers and is on the outer edge around svartuddsområdet and past Piteå Golf Club course.
+46 0911 933 90

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