Carina Kvist
Everyone can ride but you should be at least 150 cm tall. Take the opportunity to gallop in the wonderful Pitholm or why not on the kilometer long sandy beach or in the sea! About 6 hours incl. sadling of horses.
+46 070 225 28 77 *
At Piteå ridklubb they have 30 horses and ponies and during the weeks lessons are being held for the 300 pupils in peramanent ride groups. One of the evening groups consists of handicapped persons and during the day they also have handicap activities.
+46 0911 53 00 50 *
This trottingtrack Vitsandstravet is held in shape and owned by Pitebygdens travklubb - activities all year round. Almost every saturday there are races for the local trainers and horses, come and see the future stars.
+46 0911 313 47 *

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