Yoga and wellness centre located in the middle of Piteå. Welcome!
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We here at Hårstudion offer you favours such as: hairdresser, cosmetic, footcare and a shop.
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Maria Fäldt
KUST Spa is 500 square metres of indoor and outdoor luxury, with a breathtaking view of the river and forests. A mingling of hot and cold – everything you need for a physical and spiritual communion with nature, with water in all its forms as the common denominator. Serene movements and quiet conver ...
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Sinnenas Ateljé
We can offer good conditions for companies that order flowers from us. Sinnenas Atelje can also arrange classes, e.g. a night were you learn how to arrange flowers and design your own garden. Customers in the need for garden tips or suggestions about interior flower design can also contact us!
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Piteå Turistcenter
Welcome to 830 m2 health and wellbeing. With the sea as closest naighbour we enjoy pool, sauna, lounge, healthbar in a cosy environment. There's a sunterrace with a pool on the roof! Treat yourself to find your vacationmode or gather your friends to do something nice to start the evening.
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Star by Thomson
Exercise should feel fun and inspiring, through a personal consultation we can help you find your way! Try our new concept in weight training, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, fitness, vibration training, spinning, corporate health, massage, diet and fitness advice. Please contact us to get more infor ...
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