Battle of the Senses

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Fem-sinnes-kamp. © Wabi-Sabi
  • Fem-sinnes-kamp
    Fem-sinnes-kamp. © Wabi-Sabi
  • Fem-sinnes-kamp
Hear ye, hear ye! Do you have a taste for competition? Can you get a grip on the facts? The sweet smell of success is in the air and the price might be in sight…  The Battle of the Senses is a stimulating competition/team building activity with a nature/culture theme were the participants solve puzzles using the five senses. Since the focus is not on strength or agility, everybody can participate.

The activity takes app. 90 minutes and ends in a fun grading and price giving ceremony very suitable to take place during some part of dinner or alongside a snack.

To find out the price for your party, or make a booking, contact me. 

All the best!
/Elin Johansson 
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