The perfect childrens birthday party

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Bouncy Land. © Örjan Lundholm
  • Luftlandet
    Bouncy Land. © Örjan Lundholm
  • Luftskepp
    Bouncy ship. © Örjan Lundholm
  • Luftbana
    Bouncy course. © Örjan Lundholm

Rent one of our bouncy castles and let the kids play and have fun for hours. This is the perfect party because parents do not have to do more than look at how the kids tire themselves out.

Top with cotton candy machine, and the day is perfect. Could it be better?

This includes: inflatables fan and power cable
Activity Length: One day
When: Year-round, appointments by phone or email
Miscellaneous: Suitable for most children over 2 years.
Inhibition in Piteå with instruction of the set



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