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Knowledge is an adventure!

In Piteå we offer technical experiences and innovation at close range.
From world-unique acoustics to pioneering breakthroughs in renewable energy and some of the world leading technology development related to the forestry industry.

- From Wood to wheel. In Piteå we make oil with the forest as raw material. In Piteå we have the whole chain from seedling in the forest to new materials and biofuels to run the car.

- The world's first combined ski - and tire test tunnel is located in Piteå, we ski all year round if we want, directly from the beach to the ski boots or vice versa!

- In order to keep to the boasting we also offer a visit to the world's most modern organ, organ Acusticum. It was opened in 2012 and is a symphonic instrument for the 2000s - the music from the past, the present and the future. It is available in Studio Acusticum, a concert hall with unique acoustics. The venue is built of wood used in an optimal and creative way

- Follow us the way out west to Markbygdens forests and communities to dragalidens windmill farm, a very impressive work with the forces of nature for development into the future.

Interesting? These are just some examples of the many current topics where we caught up with what is happening in the present and make it possible to take part of the present and partly even the future.

The development is moving forward and things are happening all the time, we have a lot of ideas on what to visit, talk with confidence to us for more information and just that you with your group are interested of!

We sew together a concept where you get to visit the facilities, take part in development and meet skilled personnel in the area.

Get in touch to find out more! Let us make your own technical visit!

Please contact us for more information!



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Telefon+46 0911 933 90

Telefon+46 0911 933 90

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