The Pilgrimage Path

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Skylt mot Utsikten
Skylt mot Utsikten. © Elisabeth Lundman
  • Skylt mot Utsikten
    Skylt mot Utsikten. © Elisabeth Lundman
  • Bred vandringsstig
    Bred vandringsstig. © Elisabeth Lundman
  • Frälsarkrans 1170x488
    Frälsarkrans 1170x488. © Royne Mercurio

Walk through beautiful scenery both in pleasant downhill and laborious ascents, just like life itself.
One hope is that the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and the lyrics along the trail, which is taken from Frälsarkransen @ will contribute to the thoughtfulness and recovery.

At trail's end is the possibility to rest at a slope campfire. Now it's your turn to head out on your trip!

The trail starts at Lindbäcksstadion, Vallsberget, about 10 min from Piteå City. The trail is a stretch of 4.5 km.

The text along the trail are available in Swedish and English.

you can buy the rosary Frälsarkransen at Piteå Tourist Center for 65 sek.



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