Ecopark Rosfors

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Rosfors6_StinaEriksson 1170x488
Rosfors6_StinaEriksson 1170x488. © Stina Eriksson
  • Rosfors6_StinaEriksson 1170x488
    Rosfors6_StinaEriksson 1170x488. © Stina Eriksson
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    Rosfors1_StinaEriksson 1170x488. © Stina Eriksson
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    Rosfors2_StinaEriksson 1170x488. © Stina Eriksson
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    RosforsLustgården1_StinaEriksson 1170x488. © Stina Eriksson
  • Berguv Ekopark Rosfors
    Berguv Ekopark Rosfors.

Ecopark Rosfors are a leafy spruce forest landscape in a unique area in Swedish Lapland coastal land with high protection value. Signs and excellent trails will guide you through a fascinating natural environment with many attractions.

Attractions include Rosfors, Lustgården, Hällträsk nature reserve, Ristjäls mine, Bergtjärnsflyget. Nature in Ecopark Rosfors consists largely of old pines and spruces. Unique to the eco-park is the vast array of large aspens. The oldest pines in Rosfors is about 350 years old. Ecopark Rosfors are a large number of ancient monuments and cultural memories. Most commonly charcoal pits and mining hollows derived from use epoch. 

Ecopark Rosfors is one of Sweden's 36 eco-parks.



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