2 KöK
Lunches varies from day to day between meat, fish, pasta and there is always a vegetarian option. A nice salad buffet and freshly baked bread. 2Kök Acusticum is a restaurant where the food is cooked from scratch. Our philosophy is that we try, as far as possible, to use locally produced food and ...
+46 0911 122 45 *
Maria Nilsson
Summer café
+46 0911 20 40 93 *
Evelina Sandberg
A modern restaurant and bar located in an historic building in the center of Piteå. The menu changes every now and then and offers both meat with the classical accompaniments and a journey through the local kitchen divided into many courses. A really good drink to the meal makes it all complete. ...
+46 0911 104 44 *
Arnes Kök och catering
Our restaurant is located next to Svensbyfjäden and has a beautiful view. We have a lunchmenu Mo-Fri during the school year and also dinner by reservations. The restaurant is built in etage with large windows that give it an airy feel. Framnäs Restaurant have great experience of weddings and ...
+46 0911 23 11 00 *
Bastard Burger
Our idea is simple to serve the best burger you have ever eaten. Welcome!
Bea's rökeri & hamncafé
Bea's Rökeri o Hamncafé offers everything from various types of salmon sandwiches to homemade buns, cakes and pastries. We also serve freshly baked waffles with whipped cream and jam. All this can be enjoyed in the cozy café with stunning views over village's beautiful surroundings. For more in ...
+46 073-056 16 93
Pite Havsbad
Our grill, located by the entrance to the Water Park, serves filling meals after an action-packed day. We have everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to sandwiches. Finish off with ice cream, coffee and something sweet. We also serve salad, baguettes, coffee and sweets. Welcome!
+46 0911 327 00 *
Sanne Brännström
Café open saturdays and sundays during the winterseason when the weather permittes and the tracks on the ice are open.  
+46 0911 371 70
Café på Bit
Weclcome to Piteås biggest living room. Smash it with your favourite game character in super smash brothers or why not buy properties in a game of monopoly?  Whatever you choose, we promise you a lot of fun, delicious swedish fika, many differnet games to play and good company.
+46 070 204 30 70
Café Piteå
In the heart of Piteå since 1993. At Café Piteå we are preparing our food wih love and make everthing we can by hand; from our home made sourdough bread to our gluten-free fika.  On the menu we also have our classical chicken panini and our homemade hamburgers with homemade condiments.  We also ...
+46 0911 21 15 95
Café Röda Lyktan
Welcome to Cafe Röda Lyktan which is situated in the shopping centre Galleria, in the city center of Piteå.
+46 0911 914 15
Café Röda Lyktan
The Cafe Röda Lyktan is situated in the city galleria Småstaden in the heart of Piteå. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a sandwich in good company. Welcome!
+46 0911 914 55
Café Rosenboden
Café Rosenboden cater food and fika to events around Piteå. From delivery only to whole arrangements. Welcome!
+46 0911 20 61 20 *
Cut and Slice
Are you craving for a really good pizza? Let us at Cut & Slice pizza by Nodo make you one of our tasty pizzas! We are located in the town center, at Rådhustorget.
+46 0911 700 70
Take a break at our modern café at Backcity.     
+46 0911 21 10 99 *
Ekbergs konditori (=café) is the oldest café in Piteå, and here you can enjoy a cup of coffee in an enjoyable old-fashioned environment. During the summers we offer an outdoorcafé on Piteås walking street, right on our doorstep, here you can feel the city pulse. Welcome.     
+46 0911 21 12 90 *
Sofia Hortlund
Welcome to Fiore Mangia e Vino the Italian restaurant at Piteå Stadshotell. Among lit candles and turn of the century charm you can enjoy an Italian classic such as carbonara together with a good drink or a glass of wine. In the restaurant there is room for a date night, the big family dinner o ...
+46 0911 23 40 00 *
Evelina Sandberg
Bread, breakfast, pastery, cakes etc. Here you can find everything!
+46 0911 23 03 94 *
Järnspisens Matbod
Delicacy Shop with northern delicacies and accessories.
+46 0911 199 20 *
Amanda Pogulis
Nice summercafé and museum that offers tasty homebaked pastries and ice-cream in an old mill building which also works as a mill museum right beside the local stream in the center of Jävre. Our wintercafé is nearby, please visit us there you are Welcome!
+46 070 605 12 59 *
Jeanettes kök
Im located opposite the LF Arena in the house closest to left. Easy to park close to the shop. I bake everything myself with genuine and locally produced ingrediences. For now i only have orders, please call for any questions and there are always good fika in the freezer! Welcome  
+46 070 212 19 14
Welcome to Jössgårdens summer café. This year with a garden café and cash register outside.The children can play in our small playcottage, meet the farms rabbits, hens and horses. Riding for children on sundays at 3pm. The old stone barn from 1824 has been carefully restored, the nearly t ...
+46 070 385 87 14
Lisa Hellmér
Welcome to Köket på Pensionatet a small place where the atomsphere and the company gets as much attention as the food.  Here you will always get a well cooked pizza straight from the stone owen with the season's flavors. Pensionatet is a beautiful place in the city center where people have fun ...
+46 0911 130 20
Welcome to us! We serve lunch between 11am and 2 pm, a la carte, take-away and a sunny terrass outdoors.
+46 0911 27 72 77 *
Jävre turistinformation
Welcome to our restaurant in Jävre, close to ICA and Shell.
+46 0911 383 30 *
Miaws thaikök
Welcome to Miaws thai kitchen.
+46 076 394 09 62
Norrskensgården Restaurang
Norrskensgårdens Restaurang is a restaurant situated 60 km west of Piteå Centre. You'll find it on Your way towards Arvidsjaur or Arjeplog. The restaurant is popular during both the summer and winter. They have a lappish cot where they organize pub evenings which is open for rental. Welcome!
+46 0911 22 02 00 *
Hanséns Bagarbod
Hanséns konditori Bagarboden sells newly-baked bread, pastry and cakes, along wiht a café and some lunch.
+46 0911 23 03 97 *
Nya Gul och Blå
Welcome to Pizza Gul och Blå in Bergsviken with fast food and a la carte. Now you have found a local restaurant on Bergsviken in Piteå that offers good food at reasonable price! We offer fresh pizzas and grilled dishes. You can also find delicious salads, thaiwok in different flavors, spicy Tex ...
+46 0911 310 21 *
We offer sushi and a number of hot dishes with Japanese and Korean specialization, welcome!
+46 0911-53 53 51
Sofia Wellborg
A la carte and lunch every weekday. This is the world's first paltzeria, choose from the menu Pitepalt - in every possible way. Welcome!
+46 0911 607 80
APP APP - Cash free it is! Hamburger, dumplings or crême brulée? We have something for every taste. It works perfectly fine to pay either with the app "Pinchos" or to call the servants and pay with your card. In other words, we are talking about a completely cash-free resaurant with tapas from ...
+46 0911 21 26 16 *
Pite Havsbad
Our delicious menu is a result of imagination, genuine skill and first-class primary produce. We create unexpected culinary experiences based on local food traditions with influences from international cuisine. Our chefs leave nothing to chance; every little detail is carefully chosen. The resta ...
+46 0911 327 00 *
Piteå Garden
We offer a fantastic experience of taste, serving rich indian food of the best quality. Please contact us and we will tell you more!
+46 0911 88 10 01
Piteå Golfklubb Restaurang
Popular restaurant with lunchbuffet, situated at Piteå Golfclub. Contact us for more information.  Welcome!
+46 0911 109 09 *
Piteå Handel och Trädgård
We have lots of seating both in the greenhouse and spread out in the nice garden, where you can sit down, relax for a while with a cup of coffee and just enjoy.  Here you can find coffee, pastries, ice cream and lemonade. Why not take a trip the whole family to our beautiful summer cafe? H ...
Maria Fäldt
Piteå potato dumplings, pitepalt 4 servings. 12 raw potatoes, grated. 700-800g flour. 300 g lightly salted belly pork. 1 tblsp salt per litre water. Dice the pork. Fill a large saucepan with water, add salt and bring to the boil while you make the dough ready. Peel and grate the potato ...
+46 0911 933 90 *
Blå Ängeln
Pizzeria Blå Ängeln (Blue Angel) is located in the center of Piteå. Here you can order pizza, pasta, salad, and today's approval at reasonable prices and fast service. Both restaurant and take a way.
+46 0911 105 40 *
Welcome to choose from our tasty menu - pizza, grill, pasta, tex-mex and kebab.
+46 0911 100 50
Råvara i Piteå
Sushi restaurant at Back city.
+46 0911 88 10 88 *
Restaurant Golden Dragon is a very cosy restaurant in Piteå City. The menu offers a variety of dishes from pizza, pasta, chineese and ala carte. Welcome!
+46 0911 159 22 *
Restaurang och Pizzeria Viking
This is not just a pizzeria, here we have something for all tastes, such as indian food, thai food, taco, pasta, grilled dishes, salads and more. Welcome!
+46 0911 195 65 *
Pitstop is located in Öjebyn near the main road. Pizza and daily lunch. Welcome!
+46 0911 661 05 *
Kust Hotell
Toast your friends amidst the view from the highest sky bar on the coast of Norrland. Delight in the gourmet creations and local ingredients at Restaurang TAGE enjoy with us in an international atmosphere, right in the heart of Piteå. Restaurant Tage in Piteå is the result of long experience, a ...
+46 0911 131 11
Toast your friends amidst the view from the highest sky bar on the coast of Norrland. Delight in the gourmet creations and local ingredients at Restaurang TAGE enjoy with us in an international atmosphere, right in the heart of Piteå. Restaurant Tage in Piteå is the result of long experience, a ...
+46 0911 131 11
Ronja´s Pizzeria och Restaurang
Ronja´s Pizzeria and Restaurat is situated in the central of Piteå. Welcome!
+46 0911 135 67
Sikfors Konferens och fritidsby restaurang
Cozy restaurant that serves dishes and grilled food with a stunning view of the Pite River. Sikfors camping and conference center is located next to the Piteå River. Open for lunch every day all year around and open for advance booking.
+46 0911 700 77 *
Amanda Pogulis
2950 m2 of pure entertainment! A whole new world of entertainment and excitement open for you! Here you may try adventure golf, golf simulator or bowling. Children are welcomed by a giant playland. See a movie in the world's biggest format. We have everything for families, conferences and group ...
+46 0911 327 00 *
Karin Lindstöm
A cafe with an interior of riveted steel and genuine marine. Come and sit directly on the quay or in our new glazing while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee, swedish fika or icecream. Welcome.
+46 0911 120 30 *
+46 0911 700 77 *
Lina Vikberg
Storstrand is beautifully located next to the Piteälven, which quietly and slowly passes by. In the café we serve homebaked genuine Swedish fika with different offerings by season and in summer we also have a big icecream bar! Icecream for the hot summerdays to enjoy outside by the waterfront o ...
+46 0911 601 47 *
Storstrand kursgård
Storstrand is beautifully located next to the Piteälven, which quietly and slowly passes by. We offer bright nice rooms, camping, cabins and our great food, homemade Swedish fika and a great view! Restaurant We serve everything from lighter lunches to banquets, weddings and birthdays, etc. for ...
+46 0911 601 47 *
Sandwiches in different sizes and flavours, welcome!
+46 0911 88 03 43
Charlotte Westerberg
The café at Sandön is open during summer. Welcome!  
+46 072 225 99 89 *
Logotype Sushi & Te
Experienced sushi eaters usually have that sucking feeling that can only be stopped with the taste of raw fish, combined with the tangy sushi rice and the salty soy sauce. Welcome to the Sushi restaurant in Piteå.
+46 076-837 87 44 *
Café with homemade pastries and a vibrant cultural life during the summer months. Welcome!
+46 0911 24 14 18 *
Welcome up on the roof to Cafe Röda Lyktan which is situated in the shopping centre Galleria, in Piteå.
+46 0911 914 15
Pite Havsbad
The tavern is a pizzaand saladbar but also a steakhouse with rights to serve alcohol. The restaurant is located right in the center of Pite havsbad. Try our Back Rock Grill, we give you a sizzling steak on a 450-degree lava stone. You cut, grill and mix with baked potatoe, sauces and fresh vegeta ...
+46 0911 327 00 *
Thai Garden
Thai Garden Restaurant has a large selection of Thai food. The restaurant is centrally located with an outdoor terrace in the summer. Welcome!
+46 0911 137 99 *
Welcome to The Bishops Arms in Piteå. The inspiration for the concept has been taken from the English countryside, combining food, drink and accommodation in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Welcome!
+46 0911 25 72 50 *
Welcome to take a coffe, cookie or a sandwich in the cozy cafe at the guest house Pensionatet.
+46 0911 130 20 *
Pite Havsbad
Sturdy, cozy and satisfying is an accurate description of our pub and steakhouse. Enjoy a nice steak or grilled fish in a relaxing environment.
+46 0911 327 00 *

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