Maria Nilsson
Summer café
+46 0911 20 40 93 *
Bea's rökeri & hamncafé
Bea's Rökeri o Hamncafé offers everything from various types of salmon sandwiches to homemade buns, cakes and pastries. We also serve freshly baked waffles with whipped cream and jam. All this can be enjoyed in the cozy café with stunning views over village's beautiful surroundings. For more in ...
+46 073-056 16 93
Sanne Brännström
Café open saturdays and sundays during the winterseason when the weather permittes and the tracks on the ice are open.  
+46 0911 371 70
Café på Bit
Weclcome to Piteås biggest living room. Smash it with your favourite game character in super smash brothers or why not buy properties in a game of monopoly?  Whatever you choose, we promise you a lot of fun, delicious swedish fika, many differnet games to play and good company.
+46 070 204 30 70
Café Piteå
In the heart of Piteå since 1993. At Café Piteå we are preparing our food wih love and make everthing we can by hand; from our home made sourdough bread to our gluten-free fika.  On the menu we also have our classical chicken panini and our homemade hamburgers with homemade condiments.  We also ...
+46 0911 21 15 95
Café Röda Lyktan
Welcome to Cafe Röda Lyktan which is situated in the shopping centre Galleria, in the city center of Piteå.
+46 0911 914 15
Café Röda Lyktan
The Cafe Röda Lyktan is situated in the city galleria Småstaden in the heart of Piteå. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a sandwich in good company. Welcome!
+46 0911 914 55
Ekbergs konditori (=café) is the oldest café in Piteå, and here you can enjoy a cup of coffee in an enjoyable old-fashioned environment. During the summers we offer an outdoorcafé on Piteås walking street, right on our doorstep, here you can feel the city pulse. Welcome.     
+46 0911 21 12 90 *
Take a break at our modern café at Backcity.     
+46 0911 21 10 99 *
Evelina Sandberg
Bread, breakfast, pastery, cakes etc. Here you can find everything!
+46 0911 23 03 94 *
Amanda Pogulis
Nice summercafé and museum that offers tasty homebaked pastries and ice-cream in an old mill building which also works as a mill museum right beside the local stream in the center of Jävre. Our wintercafé is nearby, please visit us there you are Welcome!
+46 070 605 12 59 *
Welcome to Jössgårdens summer café. This year with a garden café and cash register outside.The children can play in our small playcottage, meet the farms rabbits, hens and horses. Riding for children on sundays at 3pm. The old stone barn from 1824 has been carefully restored, the nearly t ...
+46 070 385 87 14
Hanséns Bagarbod
Hanséns konditori Bagarboden sells newly-baked bread, pastry and cakes, along wiht a café and some lunch.
+46 0911 23 03 97 *
Piteå Handel och Trädgård
We have lots of seating both in the greenhouse and spread out in the nice garden, where you can sit down, relax for a while with a cup of coffee and just enjoy.  Here you can find coffee, pastries, ice cream and lemonade. Why not take a trip the whole family to our beautiful summer cafe? H ...
Amanda Pogulis
2950 m2 of pure entertainment! A whole new world of entertainment and excitement open for you! Here you may try adventure golf, golf simulator or bowling. Children are welcomed by a giant playland. See a movie in the world's biggest format. We have everything for families, conferences and group ...
+46 0911 327 00 *
Karin Lindstöm
A cafe with an interior of riveted steel and genuine marine. Come and sit directly on the quay or in our new glazing while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee, swedish fika or icecream. Welcome.
+46 0911 120 30 *
+46 0911 700 77 *
Storstrand kursgård
Storstrand is beautifully located next to the Piteälven, which quietly and slowly passes by. We offer bright nice rooms, camping, cabins and our great food, homemade Swedish fika and a great view! Restaurant We serve everything from lighter lunches to banquets, weddings and birthdays, etc. for ...
+46 0911 601 47 *
Charlotte Westerberg
The café at Sandön is open during summer. Welcome!  
+46 072 225 99 89 *
Café with homemade pastries and a vibrant cultural life during the summer months. Welcome!
+46 0911 24 14 18 *
Welcome up on the roof to Cafe Röda Lyktan which is situated in the shopping centre Galleria, in Piteå.
+46 0911 914 15
Welcome to take a coffe, cookie or a sandwich in the cozy cafe at the guest house Pensionatet.
+46 0911 130 20 *

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