Piteå Turistcenter
Fiskarstugan at Kurirkajen (Norrmalm) is a copy of a culture environment at a fishing place during the early 20:th century. Today this environment consists of a fishing cabin in which objects with a fishing connection are being shown, and much more!
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Svenska kyrkan
Gammelgården is the summer museum of Öjeby churchvillage history.
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Emma Degerman
Jävre old mill and museum is located in the middle of Jävre. Open during summer or by reservation, welcome!
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Kjell Perssons Bruksmuseum
Jävrebodarnas Fiskecamp is the home for this museum boasting Europe's largest collection of old wood working tools, about 28 000 in all, and 2 000 other exhibits related to fishing, hunting and farming. Welcome!
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Sanna Brännström
The village that grew up around the church consists of cottages used for overnight stays by members of the congregation who travelled long distance to attend services or visit the market. In June/July each year a church market is held in accordance with ancient tradition. The authentic and well ...
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A unique collection of kick sledges through the ages, next to Doktorsvillan on Furunäset. The museum is the first of its kind and underlines Piteå to the kicked sledges birth.  The sledges is made of materials that are found in the north, forests and ore. Welcome!
Stina Eriksson
Piteå Museum is located in the city center in a beautiful old yellow building that used to the Town hall on Rådhustorget. ​​​​​​The museum has a wide buisness that includes collecting objects and photographs, exhibitions, documentation and local historic research as well as cultural questions.  Pite ...
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Sikfors old power plant, currently owned by Sikfors Interest Group, was commissioned in 1912, and became Norrbotten's first major water power plant. It was Sikfors power plant which started electrification of Norrbotten industry, of which Luleå Träsliperi AB in Karlshälla was the first industry. Th ...
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Museum of rural life in Svensbyn including a pond, water mill, mill house and farm animals. There is a cafe with homemade cakes and a vibrant cultural life during the summer months. Guided tours by appointment. Welcome!  
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