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Gammelgården is the summer museum of Öjeby churchvillage history.
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Gråträsk chapel is a chapel that conveys a sense of past times. It was built in 1934 on the same place where the old chapel once stood.      Directions: The chapel is only 30 km northwest of Långträsk. Follow the road 373 (towards Arvidsjaur) for 26 km and then right towards Gråträsk.
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Svenska kyrkan
The church of Hortlax was finished in 1917 and the work had started in 1913 when Hortlax became it's own parish. The church is built as a cross church, made of stone in Jugend style and affected by the Gothic style.
Foto Sara Andersson
The beautiful wooden church in Långträsk was built in the century shift, just after the rail route was formed in the railroad town Långträsk. The initiation was held on 20 October 1901 and the Church Council says that the Reverend Nygren consecrated chapel. In the same land areas as the långträsk c ...
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The church of Norrfjärden is the youngest in the area of Piteå and it was built in 1967 to replace the church that burnt down in 1963. The architect's name is Göte Lundström and the artist Fritz Sjöström created the interior of the church which clearly take the disabled in consideration.
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Sofia Wellborg
The oldest parts of this medieval stone church date back to the fifteenth century and the clock-tower is probably the oldest building in Norrbotten. The church and the surrounding church village is well worth a visit.
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foto: Sofia Wellborg
Piteå kyrka is one of the oldest wooden churches in the upper Norrland. When Piteå got town privileges 1621 the center of the town was located in Öjebyn. After a fire in 1666 the entire town was deserted, and the decision of moving the town to where it is located today was taken. The population of P ...
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Piteå Turistcenter
Program: opens every day at 7 pm. The church is open for conversation, refreshments, loan of books, newspaper reading, etc.
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