Böle Garveri AB
Böle is a true story. Founded in 1899, we are the last standing spruce bark tannery in the world. Under the same roof, we craft our unique cattle leather into bags and other leather goods.  Our products are made to last and to age with style. We genuinely believe that we make the world's best brief ...
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Stina Eriksson
In the middle of the city you will find Byxtorget. It's a place where people gather to meet each other, looking and listen to any of Piteås performances.  At the Square you will find the tree called poppeln. Here you can also find embellishment in honor of pite sons Daniel Solander C and CJ Bostrom. ...
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Lillpite Power Station was built around the year 1917-1918 by the so-called Courage rapids. It began supplying the villages of Sjulnäs, Långnäsvägen, Öjebyn and Bölebyn.      
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Kulturskyltar Norrmalm
Cultural signs has been placed out in central Piteå so we can remember the environments and personalities in the cultural life that has shaped Piteå, to the great town it is today. So feel free to take a walk and follow the cultural steps of Piteå!
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Emma Degerman
The remnants of Degerfors Bruk is located in the heart of Jävrebyn. Here they produced bar iron and lumber between the years 1797-1887.Today the factory consists of iron works remains, a restoreed mill, reminders of the smithy and some outbuildings. Some parts is still preserved original.
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Piteå Turistcenter
Fiskarstugan at Kurirkajen (Norrmalm) is a copy of a culture environment at a fishing place during the early 20:th century. Today this environment consists of a fishing cabin in which objects with a fishing connection are being shown, and much more!
+46 0911 126 15 * www.piteamuseum.nu
Katarina Johansson
The idea of ​​a pedestrian street in central Piteå raised in Juli 1961. It was officially opened on August 11, 1961 and then closed to vehicular traffic until September 10th on the same year. After an extensive renovation, the main Street is now heated, which means that during the winter the street ...
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Gråträsk chapel is a chapel that conveys a sense of past times. It was built in 1934 on the same place where the old chapel once stood.      Directions: The chapel is only 30 km northwest of Långträsk. Follow the road 373 (towards Arvidsjaur) for 26 km and then right towards Gråträsk.
+46 0911 27 40 59
Emma Degerman
Jävre old mill and museum is located in the middle of Jävre. Open during summer or by reservation, welcome!
+46 070 605 12 59 * www.javrekvarn.se
Jävre turistinformation
Jävre Touristcenter is located south of Piteå along the E4 and with a view over the ocean! This house is what we call The gateway to both the north and south counties, Norr- and Västerbotten. This 1960's listed building has been renovated with care and contains Tourist Centre and an interactive e ...
+46 0911 933 98 * www.pitea.se
Kjell Perssons Bruksmuseum
Jävrebodarnas Fiskecamp is the home for this museum boasting Europe's largest collection of old wood working tools, about 28 000 in all, and 2 000 other exhibits related to fishing, hunting and farming. Welcome!
+46 0911 360 30 * www.fiskecampen.se
Stina Eriksson
Rural open-air museum in Lillpite with an old mill and power plant with activities relating to local history, keep a lookout for the events in the calendar and one tip is to taste the local specialty filbryta and pork smoked by Lillpite.  
Sanna Brännström
The village that grew up around the church consists of cottages used for overnight stays by members of the congregation who travelled long distance to attend services or visit the market. In June/July each year a church market is held in accordance with ancient tradition. The authentic and well ...
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Fredrik Broman
The vision is of a symphonic instrument for the 21st century. An instrument that combines tradition, artistic renewal, and innovative technology, to create a tool for the music of the future and for research in such areas as interpretation. Moreover, the instrument will have a versatility ranging ...
Ottergården is a Norrbotten country estate located in the countryside of Piteå. Here is also a small museum with old tools from the agricultural era. Here you can hold your conference, meeting, wedding or perhaps something else. During the summer we offer a café and evenings with different themes ...
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foto: Sofia Wellborg
Piteå kyrka is one of the oldest wooden churches in the upper Norrland. When Piteå got town privileges 1621 the center of the town was located in Öjebyn. After a fire in 1666 the entire town was deserted, and the decision of moving the town to where it is located today was taken. The population of P ...
+46 0911 27 40 00 * www.svenskakyrkan.se/pitea
Stina Eriksson
Piteå Museum is located in the city center in a beautiful old yellow building that used to the Town hall on Rådhustorget. ​​​​​​The museum has a wide buisness that includes collecting objects and photographs, exhibitions, documentation and local historic research as well as cultural questions.  Pite ...
+46 0911 126 15 * www.piteamuseum.nu
Lasse Holm
The Line between Älvsbyn and Piteå was built in the years 1911-1915. It was one of many cross paths built between inland areas and the coast. At Sikfors it was built at a location where the river channel was very deep, a bridge was therefore constructed. Railway bridge, which was introduced in 1 ...
Piteå Kommun
The present town hall was built in 1829. Its regional design was influenced by the Finnish-Russian wood empire that existed on the opposite side of the Baltic. You will find it on the Town Hall Square, which is one of only two preserved 17th century squares, having closed off corners, in the country ...
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Roka kvarn, an old mill in the middle of Roknäs.
+46 073 802 60 95 * www.roknas-stockbacken.se
Stina Eriksson
Historic ironworks at Rosfors, an old manor house now a conference centre and hotel.
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Sikfors old power plant, currently owned by Sikfors Interest Group, was commissioned in 1912, and became Norrbotten's first major water power plant. It was Sikfors power plant which started electrification of Norrbotten industry, of which Luleå Träsliperi AB in Karlshälla was the first industry. Th ...
+46 0911 700 77 * www.sikforskonferens.se
Piteå Turistinformation
Skags fyr is one of Swedens oldest lighthouses. It was used outside of Örnsköldsvik between the years 1871 - 1957. The lighhouse was moved and mounted in Jävre during the 70's. The lighhouse is a gift from the National Maritime Administration in Sweden and it stands in Jävre as a memory of the many ...
+46 0911 933 90 * www.pitea.se
Museum and summer café adjacent to Solanderparken. Built to honour the memory of botanist and pupil of Linneaus Daniel Solander, who circumnavigated the globe with Captain Cook.
+46 073 399 61 70 * www.danielsolander.se
St Bartheélemy promenade is a walkway surrounded by beautiful green open areas with shrubbery and trees. Green surfaces frequently used as football pitches, for the equestrian competitions and similar events. It runs along the beach between City Hall and the neigborhood Svartudden.
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In Piteå a new lovely oasis has been built up next to the channel and Tages bro (Tages bridge), the wooden deck, Strömkajen - a meeting and recreation space for all, designed by Sture Berglund.
+46 0911 933 90
Museum of rural life in Svensbyn including a pond, water mill, mill house and farm animals. There is a cafe with homemade cakes and a vibrant cultural life during the summer months. Guided tours by appointment. Welcome!  
+46 070 232 31 07 * www.svensbyliden.se

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