Öjeby Alte Kirche City


Kyrkstaden. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Kyrkstaden
    Kyrkstaden. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Kyrkstugefönster
    Kyrkstugefönster. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Kyrkstugor i vinterskrud
    Kyrkstugor i vinterskrud. © Piteå kommun
  • Vy Kyrkstaden
    Vy Kyrkstaden. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Kreuzung Öjeby Kyrkstad
    Kreuzung Öjeby Kyrkstad. © Peter Manner
  • Fallrohre
    Fallrohre. © Peter Manner
  • Kyrstadsvy 2
    Kyrstadsvy 2. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Vägg Kyrkstaden
    Vägg Kyrkstaden. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Kyrkstugor
    Kyrkstugor. © Sofia Wellborg

The village that grew up around the church consists of cottages used for overnight stays by members of the congregation who travelled long distance to attend services or visit the market.

In June/July each year a church market is held in accordance with ancient tradition. The authentic and well-preserved church village and church village are open for visit during summer.


  • Access: Offener Zutritt, Öffentlich zugänglichen städtische Umwelt
  • Museen, Galerien und Kunsthandwerk: Museum
  • Saison: Das ganze Jahr


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