Arkeologstigen - Der Archäologenweg

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Arkeologstigen skylt
Arkeologstigen is a part of Solanderleden trail.. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • Arkeologstigen skylt
    Arkeologstigen is a part of Solanderleden trail.. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • Utsikt Arkeologstigen.
    View towards the coast.. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • Sandholmsberget och Lillberget
    The trail takes you between Sandholmsberget, Lillberget and Högberget.. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • Vy över Jävre
    View of Jävre Village.. © Piteå Turistcenter

A nice hiking trail in our ancestors’ footsteps. 

In Jävre, where one of the oldest population groups is believed to have lived over 3000 years ago, there are a lot of remnants of graves, mazes and sacrificing stones. 

Norrbottens Museum has marked out a trail that does not only connect the ancient monuments, but also goes by viewpoints and resting areas. Around this region the so called Jävre pendant, a beautiful bronze strap from 400-600 AD, was found. 

The archeology path in Jävre is 7,5 km long, but you can also choose to walk a shorter part that is 2 km. It consists of a number of graves in great natural surroundings.

Bronze Age in Jävre.

During the Bronze Age 3500 years ago, the Jävre area was an archipelago landscape. The people came here for fishing and for seal hunting. The dead were buried here and the burial grounds were marked with rock piles visible in the landscape. The Bronze Age graves on Högberget, Lillberget and Sandholmsberget are located high but are still connected to the sea, even if the sea level is 30-40 meters lower today. Beside graves and traces of ancient people are traces of a lost landscape. On Sandholmsberget there is a "flying stone", a large boulder piled up on three smaller rocks. This ancient monument is unusual and occurs otherwise only on the coast of Småland and on Öland. In the area you can also find mazes. Their meaning is not known, but they occur along the coast region of Norrland. The labyrinth on Högberget is dated to the 1100th Century.


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