Park Promenade

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Kanalen. © PK
  • Kanalen
    Kanalen. © PK
  • Södra hamn
    Södra hamn. © SL
  • Folk på skärgårdsfest 2007
    Folk på skärgårdsfest 2007. © Folk på skärgårdsfest 2007
  • parkbänk
    parkbänk. © SL

A popular walking trail along the Strömsund canal between the northern and southern harbours. After the trail you can find old buildings, a fishing cottage and St Barthhuset, the art park, playgrounds, the camping place at Västra Kajen and Piteå Boat Museum. 

We’d definitely recommend a walk following the signs highlighting places of historical interest, a different way of experiencing Piteå’s history. The culture signs starts at Piteå Museum on Rådhustorget.



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