Pite Älv

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Pite River, about 410 km long, is one of the Swedish national rivers, one of the four major unregulated except for a hydroelectric dam in Sikfors.

Catchment area 11,285 km ².
Pite River rises near the Norwegian border in Sulitelmamassivet, flows to the southeast and flows into the Gulf of Bothnia at Pite havsbad 10 km south of Piteå city. Biggest rapid and waterfall in Sweden you can see at Storforsen,  located approximately 90 km northwest of Piteå city.

How about otter tracks in the snow, trout spawn in the fall, rose hips flower in summer and river pearl-mussel that protrude from rocks and gravel on the river bottom.

Pite River is a gem - not only in Sweden, but throughout Europe.

In spring, sea trout and salmon swim into the Pite River. End of May is the best time to fish for trout. Borgfors River flows into the Pite River just below Sikfors and there you will find a fireplace and a small hut for shelter.



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