The Fruit park

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Fruktparken_SE . © Stina Eriksson
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    Fruktparken_SE . © Stina Eriksson
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    Fruktparken2_SE 1170x488. © Stina Eriksson
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The Fruit park is located at the channel between the City Hall and Strömkajen. Here can you find a wide range of many different fruits. In the fall, everyone is welcome to gently pick the fruit and taste it.

The Fruit Park's history began in 2006 when about 25 fruit trees was planted in a rectangular plant bed. Some varieties were tried and tested in our park, and other were less certain cards. Many trees survived despite the not ideal location with relatively open areas and the cold winds from the water.

As Strömkajen, the canal, grew we felt that it was time to expand the Fruit Park. We decided to rebuild the park and develop it in line with Strömkajen to create a cohesive aesthetic. The park created a meeting place, a wooden deck with seating designed in line with Strömkajen. Planting surfaces was extended to make room for more fruit trees.