Ecopark Rosfors

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Rosfors1 StinaEriksson 1170x488
Rosfors. © Stina Eriksson
  • Rosfors1 StinaEriksson 1170x488
    Rosfors. © Stina Eriksson
  • Rosfors6 StinaEriksson 1170x488
    Ecopark Rosfors. © Stina Eriksson
  • Rosfors2 StinaEriksson 1170x488
    Ecopark. © Stina Eriksson
  • RosforsLustgården1 StinaEriksson 1170x488
    nature reserve. © Stina Eriksson
  • Berguv Ekopark Rosfors
    Eagle owl. © Ekopark Rosfors

Ecopark Rosfors is a unique area at Norrbottens coast land. Signs and paths will guide you through the extraordinary environment with a lot of things worth seeing for example Rosfors nature reserve, Lustgården reserve, Hällträsk reserve, Ristjäls mine and Bergtjärnsflygget.    

Ecopark Rosfors is one of Sweden's 36 eco-parks.



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