This is a store that carries accessories for your dog or cat. Welcome!
+46 0911 302 17
Here at Hälsokraft can you find products for you and your body that helps you to feel good. Welcome!
+46 0911 21 16 26 * www.halsokraft.se
Hålstens Ur och Guld
This is the shop for clockworks and jewellery - in the middle of Öjebyn.
+46 0911 602 35
Hanséns Bagarboden sells newly-baked bread, pastry and cakes side by side with a café where you also can get a nice lunch.
+46 0911 23 03 97 * www.hansensbageri.se
Evelina Sandberg
Hanséns konditori offers newly-baked bread, pastry and cakes.
+46 0911 23 04 23 * www.hansensbageri.se
Piteå Turistcenter
With lots of crafts, we open our small shop at the entrance to Pite Havsbad hotel. We are a bunch of ladies who knit together, crocheting, weaving, sewing and embroidering. Together we have many different products and many different kinds of crafts that we will display and sell. Welcome!
+46 070 235 92 52 * www.hantverksmacken.se
Hanzens Piteå
Hanséns offers a wide range of men- and women´s clothing from the most liked brands. We want Hanzens to be the obvious choice for you that is searching for that little extra for the party or if you just want to fill your warderobe with some good basics. Welcome!  
+46 0911 194 40 * www.hanzens.se
Here you can find all the new trends within colors, wallpapers and floors. Welcome in and get inspired!
Hem Ljuva Hem
Home Interior and gifts many different companies and designers. Welcome.
+46 0911 130 10 * www.hemljuvahem.org
At Hemmakväll You will find games and films for rent, snacks and candy and everything for the best tv-night. We are open every day, welcome!
+46 0911 188 90 * www.hemmakvall.se
Here at Hemtex you will find anything from ornaments to covers and curtains. Lots of interior and products for your home especially for bedroom, livingroom and kitchen.
+46 0911 187 70 * www.hemtex.se
At Hennes and Mauritz you will find clothes for eveyone, makeup and accessories.
+46 0911 158 60 * www.hm.com
Sewingmachines for sale - and service. Welcome!
+46 0911 148 80
An idea, a contact, your whole profile. With high levels of service, knowledge and experience we will help you to profile the company and strengthen the brand. Welcome to Idépoolen Profile Center!
+46 0911 22 11 90 * www.idepoolen.se
At Indiska you will find clothes for ladies and children, accessories, skin and hairproducts, textile and home furnitures.
+46 0911 103 21 * www.indiska.com
Along with the best denim creators in Italy, Jack and Jones created jeans with the perfect fit, combined with the coolest models. This collaboration has made Jack and Jones jeans into a global culture, and denim fanatics around the world prefer Jack and Jones in their choice of brand.
+46 0911 40 01 11 * www.jackjones.com
Järnspisens Matbod
Delicacy Shop with northern delicacies and accessories.
+46 0911 199 20 * www.jarnspisenpitea.se
At Jysk you will find everything in the areas bedroom, bathroom, window and terrace. Jysk is a danish chain that has a store at Back City, slightly north of central Piteå.
+46 077 045 74 57 * www.jysk.se
KappAhl is where you can find clothes for women, men and children.
+46 0911 190 35 * www.kappahl.se
Welcome to a candy store close to Piteå center.
+46 0911 924 40 * www.kioskpiratenpitea.se
Shop with a wide range of accessories for home electronics.
+46 0911 27 12 66 * www.kjell.com/se/butiker/pitea
You can contribute to our relief work by buying or donating clothes, gadgets, books and the like in our second hand stores Meeting the Hive. Thanks for your support!
+46 0911 21 17 86 * www.redcross.se
Emma Degerman
Welcome to our little shop in the mill, you can buy everything from homemade bread to flavored coffee and jams. We also offer home furnishings. Please check out our opening hours at our website - welcome!
+46 070 605 12 59 * www.javrekvarn.se
Here you will find the accessories and reserve parts you need for your car. Laitis Bil & Industri is a wholesaler and supplier of car parts and tools for the industry. The company slogan is We have accessories for everything that move and the reserve parts for everything that are not. Our store ...
+46 0911 23 23 70 * www.laitis.se
Toy store in Piteå City. Welcome!
+46 0911 183 00 * www.lekia.se/
This is a shop for women's clothing, childrens- and teenagers clothing, cosmetics and underware. The shop is situated in the middle of Piteå city.
+46 010 452 61 28 * www.lindex.se
We work with painting contractors, but we also have a store where you can buy paint. Welcome!
+46 0911 125 47 * www.lundstromsmaleri.com
Lustgården business idea are to sell erotic products for women and men without degrading texts and picures.  Welcome!
+46 072 225 99 89
We offer flowers, pots and furnishings in a tasteful combination and a large selection of different designs. Let us help you buy a set of flowers to your loved ones or a nice gift for a friend? Welcome!
+46 0911 307 18
Our main products are obviously Japanese saws, but we have many other products with a focus on crafts, gardening and the outdoors. We have a large assortment of crowbars, diamond knife Sharpeners and Japanese waterstone, fishing nets, knives and blades. Welcome!
+46 0911 668 40 * www.malco.se

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