Norrbottens bildemontering AB offers tested and highquality used car parts. We have abvout 100 000 car parts registered in our computer system. Welcome!
+46 0929 700 00 * www.nbd.se/
Do you need a spare key? We can help you with that but also everything according to locks.
+46 0770 22 10 40 * www.lasmekaniska.com
This is the store that carries everything within the area of fishing, both winter and summer. Welcome!
+46 0911 154 25 * www.nymansfiske.se
One of Sweden's biggest range with over 15,000 articles. Welcome!
+46 0911 638 95 * www.öob.se
In our shop you will find a wide range of glasses, lots of inspiration and our staff will helf you find the right one for you.
+46 0911 26 25 00 * www.smarteyes.se/pitea
Piteå SUP
The Marina in the north harbour is a kiosk, and here you cand rent a SUP. This Marina is located beside the gasstation for boats. Welcome    
+46 073 055 53 73
PIteå turistcenter
In our store you'll find souvenirs, postcards and Piteåproducts like t-shirts. We offer tickets to the local events and will help you find more in Piteå to do. Come visit us and we will tell you more! Welcome!
+46 0911 933 90 * www.visitpitea.se
Annicas Handelsträdgård
Come to us with your own apples, we make juice from them, at least 20 kg of apples. Sales direct from the greenhouse. Welcome to buy flowers, cuttings and spices for a good price.
We are Piteå's largest second hand shop with a wide range of used goods! We are very grateful if you donate porcelain, furniture and clothes to us.
+46 0911 27 15 60 * www.pmu.se
Giftshop with nice prices - well worth a visit!
+46 0911 918 40
Smoked fish, shrimps, reindeermeat and a lot of other delicacy's.
+46 0911 120 44 * www.bolefisk.se
At Repris we are helping to reduce the burden on the environment by recycling. We do this by repairing and selling Pite residents filed things and it is an important part of the municipality's environmental work. Repris also offers learning sites and investigation of work capacity. Target audienc ...
+46 0911 69 61 77 * www.pitea.se/repris
Huge selection of summer furniture. Welcome!
+46 0911 20 60 00
We at RUSTA want our customers to feel welcome, be inspired and think it's fun to shop with us. We make it easy for many people to buy home and leisure products of good quality at the best price.
+46 0771 28 10 10 * www.rusta.se
This is a shop for shoes, all sizes, amongst others the Kuoma boot is available. Welcome!
+46 0911 658 90
Nice shoes of good quality to good prices. Welcome to Scorett!
+46 0911 122 50 * www.scorett.se
Shop Intim
At Shop Intim for wonen we help you find find the underwear for your high demands on quality and fitness. Welcome!
Welcome to Signegården, we offer clothes, soap, skincare products amongst other things with en ecological theme. Please contact us for more information about opening hours or make your own reservation to shop for a small group of people. 
Klockor & Glas, Efva Attling
At Sivs Ur & Guld you will find jewelley and watches from brand names like Efva Attling, Thomas Sabo, Drakenberg Sjölin, Emma Israelsson, Michael Kors, Engelbert and many more.
+46 0911 21 16 49 * www.sivsurguld.se
Here at Skinnateljen you can order leather clothes and get them tailored to your wishes, ideas and style, leather jackets, leather coats, leather skirts, or what you want. Welcome to contact us for more information!
+46 0911 655 98 * www.skinnateljen.com
We can help you with different types of shoe repair. Welcome!
+46 0911 173 39
Svetsprodukter is a family company since 1949, and here you can find welds, high pressure washes, grilles and handmachines. We are situated at Back-City, welcome!
+46 0911 21 14 15 * www.svetsprodukter.se
We offer a wide variety of glasses and contacts and our staff gives you professional help at our store! Welcome
+46 0911 21 10 57 * www.synoptik.se
Tango is a consulting firm operated by Gunnar and Ingrid Forslund. For more information, check out our website!
+46 070 551 77 22 * www.2tango.nu
Tell us what you need. Tell helps you with your communication and with all the IT-solutions there is to optimize your work.
+46 0911 22 10 10 * www.telemaklarna.com
Sofia Wellborg
The unreal is real! The new time floating clothes! THERMOTIC Floating Base is a very warm, smooth and incredibly lightweight. For anyone staying at or near the open or frozen water. The garments are highly effective breathable. That is the condensation and moisture goes into the outer garment. ...
+46 070 269 40 94 * thermotic.se
In the Nordic market, with focus on watches. We offer the widest and most attractive range of fashion accessories. We make the best prices, the best business locations with the best service. Welcome!
+46 0911 121 51 * www.uropenn.se
Welcome to our shop Ekomagasinet. We offer environment friendly ecological skin and cleaningproducts, lamps, buildingpreservings and more.  Campingaccessories from Kama and Rojo, Holiday and Gas is also for sale. Open summartime, offseason please call and we will help you as best we can. Welco ...
+46 0911 120 30 * www.vastrakajen.se
Clothes for girls and women. Welcome!
+46 0911 40 01 11 * www.veromoda.se
We restorate old furniture, padding and the upholstery of furniture and boat interiors. We also sell upholstery fabrics, leather, upholstery materials, etc. Welcome to our workshop, shop and showroom.
+46 070 382 74 87 * www.ylvatapetserare.se

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