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Maria Nilsson
Sweden's only rhubarb farm with a unique self-service shop is situated in the beautiful Alterdalen. We can guarantee that your visit will turn into a a lovely food experience. Here you can find nice edible presents, for example cloudberry jam and rhubarb liquorice. We can also guide you through Al ...
+46 0911 20 40 93 * www.alterhedens.se
In the shop at Pensionatet we offer products that we have made ourselves along with things we feels gives inspiration. We love Swedish, local produced and designed products.  Welcome
+46 076 224 95 80 * www.pensionatet.com
A small shop in Lillpite that also sells chocolate via phone or mail. Contact us and make your own Choclate tasting with a group of friends or the company.
+46 070 633 89 78 * www.chokladfrossa.se
Welcome to Eufåria! We sell lamb hides from the farm, craftmanship products made by leather and wool in the farmshop. We also have art crafts, organic skincare and environmentally friendly house products for purchase. You can order lamb meat from us before the falls slaugther, from the ani ...
+46 070 204 12 26 * www.eufaria.se
Heta Hyttan
Welcome to the glasworks and shop, enjoy the historic view of a traditional workmethod that dates back to the 17th century when watching our glassblowers in their everyday work at this smallscaled factory.  
+46 070 582 42 50 * www.hetahyttan.se
Emma Degerman
Welcome to our little shop in the mill, you can buy everything from homemade bread to flavored coffee and jams. We also offer home furnishings. Please check out our opening hours at our website - welcome!
+46 070 605 12 59 * www.javrekvarn.se
We offer flowers, pots and furnishings in a tasteful combination and a large selection of different designs. Let us help you buy a set of flowers to your loved ones or a nice gift for a friend? Welcome!
+46 0911 307 18
Stina Eriksson
In the Manor dating back to 1899 also has a farm shop, for opening hours please keep a lookout at our social media or give us a call.
+46 070 326 00 77
Welcome to Signegården, we offer clothes, soap, skincare products amongst other things with en ecological theme. Please contact us for more information about opening hours or make your own reservation to shop for a small group of people. 
+46 070 644 40 03

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