Piteå Turistcenter
Ceramics in stoneware quality, beautiful both to use and to decorate with! Aili have worked as a ceramicist for roughly 36 years and therefore clay has truly become an important part of her life. The workshop was located in the old church village for 27 years, however in the last ten years the ...
+46 070 205 64 55
Ärtan Idé and Design works with photography and crafts. Provides ideas and advice for renovation, interior styling, and in garden setting.
+46 070 883 57 25 * www.ärtan.se
Lisbeths ull
A living, natural material that inspires me to create. The colour, shape and texture of wool gain new life when the chemistry melds them together as one. When emotion, insight and my careful hands co-operate. Felt making is an exciting art form and an ancient craft.
+46 0911 20 06 54 * www.lisbethsull.se
Catharina J Berg
I am an artist and art educator and I run the company "cattis.j.berg".
+46 070 255 69 32 * www.cattisjberg.se
Heta Hyttan
Welcome to the glasworks and shop, enjoy the historic view of a traditional workmethod that dates back to the 17th century when watching our glassblowers in their everyday work at this smallscaled factory.  
+46 070 582 42 50 * www.hetahyttan.se
Here at Isa Form, you will find prints for large and small. A Birth Plate for the newborn, a thing for the bride and groom, a gift for the whole family. You will also find a number of other unique products. Welcome!
+46 070 357 36 07 * www.isa.nu
M.A Eriksson Design
Every object - a work of art We are a small trading company that manufactures designer wool products. Each product is unique and it is intended that each object must be a work of art. All crafts we make ourselves from sketch to finished product. We conduct our business in Jävrebyn,  a small vi ...
+46 070 74 09 10 * www.ulldesign.se
Niklas Originella
Eccentric products for an esthetic home environment. Be inspired and enjoy the simpleness that creates calmness. The simple and unexpected arouses Your curiosity and makes a difference. We do'nt have our own store at the moment. Look at and buy products is possible to do through the website or by gi ...
+46 070 364 10 95 * www.niklasorginella.se
The man behind this company, Rep och Knopteknik, is with his about 50 years of experience at sea skilled with a number of knot technics.
+46 070 234 61 81 * www.repoknop.se

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