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Welcome to our shop in Piteå, just along the pedestrian street in the middle of Piteå! Our shop contains things for your home, fashion and beauty.
+46 0911 40 01 20 * www.ahlens.se
Large selection of books for those who like to read. Welcome.
+46 010 744 16 90 * www.akademibokhandeln.se
A deli at the Modern restaurant and bar located in an historic building in the center of Piteå. At Ångbryggeriet all effort is put on tasty flavours and good quality ingridients. Read more about us and our menu at our website here! Welcome!  
+46 0911 104 44 * www.angbryggeriet.com/
Arbete + äventyr
This is the store for all that needs reliable outdoor wear, working clothes or athletic outfits. Welcome!
+46 0911 150 70 * www.idepoolen.se
Arken Zoo
We have everything for man's best friend and we love animals. Because of that we have acquired large amounts of knowledge on how to take care of a pet in the best way possible. We are more than happy to share that knowledge with you ꟷ welcome to us!   
+46 010 490 62 55 * www.djurmagazinet.se
Åströms Ur och Optik
Åströms Ur och Optik specializes in making glasses and selling and repairing watches.
+46 0911 21 15 00 * www.astroms.nu
Elon logotyp
Here at Elon ljud och bild, you'll always find the latest in consumer electronics. Everything from cell phones to televisions and also a wide range of installation and advisory services.  
+46 0911 530 000 * www.audiovideo.se
BackCity is a shopping district with a variation of shops! Here you can find everything from furnishing and car workshops to animal supplies, groceries, sports and electronics. With other words, a shopping district for the entire family. When you are done shopping, or simply in need of a break you ...
+46 0911 184 94 * www.backcity.se
Logo, BeSweet
One of the best candy stores in Sweden is located at Back City in Piteå! 
+46 070 618 10 00
Bik Bok AB
Welcome to the wonderful world of Bik Bok – the international fashion destination for young women who love and live fashion and fast trends. Women who aspire to inspire others with their personal style and impeccable taste. With one eye on the catwalk and the other on flawless Scandinavian street st ...
+46 010 20 63 428 * www.bikbok.com
Welcome to Mio Piteå located in Öjebyn! We have been in the furnishing business since 1930 and today we are Norrbotten's largest furniture store. We are passionate about quality furniture and to inspire you as a costumer to renew your home. We aspire to be the stylish – and the obvious – choice ...
+46 0911 664 00 * www.mio.se
Bostrom optician specializing in optics, lenses, glasses and sunglasses.
+46 0911 21 10 88 * www.synsam.se
In the shop at Pensionatet we offer products that we have made ourselves along with things we feels gives inspiration. We love Swedish, local produced and designed products.  Welcome
+46 076 224 95 80 * www.pensionatet.com
Cinderella Brud och Festbutiken is in Öjebyn, 5 km outside of Pitea. The boutique is the biggest wedding store in the Norrland (northen Sweden) and have been open in 32 years. Under all these years we have helped many customers with their choice of party clothes. The boutique is operated by Julia Wi ...
+46 0911 622 50 * www.cinderellapitea.se
Clas Ohlson
Clas Ohlson is a retail company listed on the stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden. The operation consists of the sale of DIY products for house and home, technology and hobbies. We sell by mail order/Internet and through the company's own retail outlets. We operate in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Our ...
+46 0911 23 21 60 * www.clasohlson.se
Cubus is a clothing store in the heart of Piteå, along the pedestrian street level with Byxtorget.
+46 010 206 84 02 * www.cubus.com
Din Sko
Din sko, with all types of shoes.
+46 0911 27 60 56 * www.dinsko.se
Here at Direkten Piteå you will find magazines, ATG-service, candy and many other things.
+46 079 341 65 40
At Dollarstore you can find almost anything from the prices 10:-, 20:-, 30:-, 40:- and so on.
+46 075 247 01 07 * www.dollarstore.se/
At Dressman you'll find men's clothing of all kinds and sorts.
+46 010 206 87 30 * www.dressmann.se/
Duvan bok och kontor AB
We can offer you everything for your computer, the modern office and more... Easy to find us in new location south of Piteå centrum. Welcome!
+46 0911 161 00 * www.duvan.se
Freshly baked pastery and cakes for sale, order or directly in the shop. Take a break and have a Swedish fika at our cafe, you are welcome!
+46 073 981 93 69 * www.ekbergskonditori.se
Ekbergs konditori
Take a break at our modern café at Backcity.     
+46 0911 21 10 99 * www.ekbergskonditori.se
Electrolux Home
Welcome to our store with Electrolux homes products.
+46 0911 120 20 * www.electroluxhome.se
ELGIGANTEN is situated at Back-City with a large range of products that are worth its price. Welcome!
+46 077 111 51 15 * www.elgiganten.se
Here at Phone House you will find everything you need considering telephones.
+46 077 111 51 15 * www.phonehouse.se
Small, cozy, antique and curio shop. During wintertime we have open whenever we are home, but make a call in advance. During the summer we also have flea market every day with new financial products all the time. Good parking. Welcome!
+46 070 689 23 82
Welcome to a shop where you can buy shoes, both for children and adults.
+46 072 992 29 61 * www.eurosko.se
Fritid och Vildmark
Everything you need to enjoy the forest and land, you will find in our store. We offer a wide range of utilities for hunting, fishing and outdoor. Available when you like, our webshop helps you find what you need. The shop is large, 1500 m2, we also have the most modern shooting cinema in Eur ...
+46 0911 342 03 * www.fritidvildmark.se
At Granngården you'll find everything you need for your garden. We also have products for your cat, dog, rabbit, guinea, pig or horse. Granngården has a broad range of protective clothing, outdoors clothing and much more! Welcome!
+46 0771 22 24 44 * www.granngarden.se

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