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Jaktia is Sweden´s biggest chain company for hunitng- and fishing equipment and consists of 35 boutiques from Sjöbo in the south to Kiruna in the north. 
For us hunting and fishing is a lifestyle about freedom, community, nature experience and challenges. 

In our boutiques you will find the best products from the most famous brands. We have everything from clothes and boots, to weapon and ammuniation. 
Jaktias philosophy is to offer products, knowledge, service and inspiration to make your hunting experience even bigget. 

To make you satisfied with us  we promise that you will always find the right product who meets your needs. You will get the advice, knowledge and you will always have access to service, assembly and repairs. 

Jaktia is fullfledged members of the Svenska Franchise Föreningen.

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Telefon+46 0911 154 25
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