Ailis keramik


Aili inne i butiken
Aili inside the shop with her creations.. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • Aili inne i butiken
    Aili inside the shop with her creations.. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • loggo 1170x488
    loggo 1170x488. © Ailis keramik
  • Ailis keramik
    A mix of Aili's creations.. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • Bruksgods
    Cups by Ailis Keramik. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • Snöripor av Aili
    White grouse by Aili.. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • Utanför stugan
    The lighthouse cabin.. © Piteå Turistcenter
  • Från-kust-till-fjäll-för-we 1170x488
    Från-kust-till-fjäll-för-we 1170x488. © Ailis keramik
  • vägg lykta 1170x488
    vägg lykta 1170x488. © Ailis keramik
  • målning porslin flygande fåglar 1170x488
    målning porslin flygande fåglar 1170x488. © Ailis keramik
  • ripor i träd vit bakgrund 1170x488
    ripor i träd vit bakgrund 1170x488. © Ailis keramik

Ceramics in stoneware quality, beautiful both to use and to decorate with!

Aili have worked as a ceramicist for roughly 36 years and therefore clay has truly become an important part of her life. The workshop was located in the old church village for 27 years, however in the last ten years the business has moved to the old Filadelfia-church in Hortlax just outside Piteå. Ali’s ceramics are sold to fairs and companies to name a few.

Most of the ceramics is made in 1250 degrees Celsius and can therefore be used both in the microwave and cleaned in the dishwasher. If you would like to see the workshop then feel free to be in touch and we can agree on time and place. Welcome!



Norrbyvägen 10
94431 Hortlax

Telefon+46 070 205 64 55
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