Piteå Kayak Centre, Guide Natura
Rent a kayak this summer and experience Piteå Archipelago! Piteå Kayak Center / Guided nature is your natural choice if you want to rent a kayak in Piteå archipelago.
+46 076 135 91 11 *
Paddle under the midnight sun, Guide Natura
In Piteå there are several nice places to discover when you paddle a kayak or canoe. The PDF available here presents 18 routes in Piteå Archipelago, from easy half-day trips to multi-day tours. Plese contact us at  Piteå Touristcenter if you have more questions!
+46 0911 69 64 00
The Kayakomat rental, Kayakomat
Rent a Kayak for one och two - follow the link and enjoy the archipelago in Piteå.
+46 070 335 18 68 *
Evening sun over go ashore, Piteå Kajak
Rent or buy a kajak, the type is Vitudden. Read more about that at our webpage.
Bea's i Jävre
Rent a kayak at Bea's in Jävre, take some time to experience the sea. A day or by the hour, safetyvest are included, contact us for more information.   
+46 0911 103 38
Forest Service, Arvidsjaurs territory and Piteå Municipality in operations created canoe trails in this forest, and cultural district.
+46 070 310 62 24

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