Activity park


Hemmingsmark Multi Arena, Sara Holm
Welcome to Hemmingsmark multi arena
+46 073 801 26 75
Norrstrand activity park, Sara Holm
Welcome to Piteå activity park; Norrstrand Multiarena.  
Pite Havsbad
Welcome to Rivierahallen, here we have two indoor padel courses. The courses are bookable through the app MATCHI or on the website. With the booking confirmation you will resive a code for the door. Rackets and balls can be rented in the arena.  
+46 0911 327 00 *
Sara Holm
Right now we are lifitng three of Piteå's playgrounds, stay tuned for more. To find all the playgrounds in Piteå click here! The adventure playground On Skaftgatan you can find the adventure playground where you can swing, climb a wall and much more. The playground is best reached by ...
+46 0911 69 64 00
Svensbyns Multi arena outdoor gym, Sara Holm
Svensbyn Multi Arena have many activities to offer: an outdoor gym, skate park, tennis court, ice hockey rink and parkour. Soccerfields are alsoe located at site. Get into your training gear, pack the kick bike and get ready to enjoy activities for all ages. At the arena: - Skate and  ...
+46 0911 24 12 30

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