Karin Stare
A nice hiking trail in our ancestors' footsteps. In Jävre, where one of the oldest population groups is believed to have lived over 3000 years ago, there are a lot of remnants of graves, mazes and sacrificing stones. Norrbottens Museum has marked out a trail that does not only connect the an ...
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Stina Eriksson
In connection with the historic Country Administration security updae, two cultural paths in Långvik was displayed. North trail takes you to the two settlements with about 30 meters apart and starts with an information board with pictures and text. The trail begins on the way down to the harbor a ...
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Anita Fåhraeus
In Svensbyn, along the road to Bodsjön, the hiking trail named after the great thief Elias starts. The trail passes through varied terrain and the many lookout posts offer great views along the way, there are also plenty of picnic areas. The trail is 9.4 km but it is possible to take a detour. ...
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Fåröns Friluftsområde Sign, Evelina Sandberg
Fårön, 4 km from Piteå center, is a good representative of Piteås inner archipelago which includes many scenic islands. The island has a recreational area with nature trails and picnic areas in a varied and exciting nature. An approximately 300 m long stretch of nature trail is also adapted for the ...
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Stina Eriksson
Health Path is a safe and pedestrian-friendly trail, without any given start or ending point. The trail is typically 3-6 km long and runs where people normally walk. The Health Path is marked every kilometer with a sign which lets you figure out how far you've gone. In between ther will also be sign ...
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Hike in Piteå, Piteå kommun
Discover Piteå's fantastic nature by getting inspired through the hiking card Hike in Piteå. Hike in Piteå is a challenge for kids and adults alike where Kultur, Park and Fritid have gathered ten tops and trails to take on this summer. On the card you'll find four trails and six mountain tops i ...
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Elisabeth Lundman
This i really nice path's that fits all! Following the pilgrim trail at first, then continue another kilometer up with color markings in red and white dots. It then turns through an amazing old growth forest. Here you find mushrooms, lingonberries or blueberries to pick in the autumn. At the top up ...
Stina Eriksson
This is an outdoor area with fireplaces, a jetty for bird watching, tracks for discgolf and lots of little paths to wander about. The main path is suitable for wheelchairs. The best? It's close to the city
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Isabella Björkman
Welcome to the Pilgrimsled in Hortlax. You can choose which trail to walk and there are three signs to reflect on, on each trail for both adults and children. All the trails have good accessibility except the green trail.  
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Piteå kommun
Go exploring in Piteå archipelago.  Stor- Räbbens nature trail offers a unique setting under the stars. There's a cabin for rent and you need a boat to get here.  Welcome out at sea!
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Elisabeth Lundman
Walk through beautiful scenery both in pleasant downhill and laborious ascents, just like life itself. One hope is that the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and the lyrics along the trail, which is taken from Frälsarkransen and will contribute to the thoughtfulness and recovery. At trail's end is ...
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Maria Söderberg
Top of Piteå/Top of Bidum (Bidum is the pite sami name for Piteå) Top of Piteå is a concept which started in Arjeplog in 2012, Top of Arjeplog. It soon became a success that Maria Söderberg brought to Piteå - and the pitebor we're quick to embrace it. The idea behind Top of Piteå is to provide ...
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