Berglundstjärn lake, Terese Lindbäck
Fish for trout in Berglundstjärn. Fishing licence dispensers located at Berglundtjärnen and the old ferry place by the Piteå River.
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Hemträsket Swim Area, Terese Lindbäck
Welcome to Blåsmark beach.
Sofia Wellborg
Welcome to Borgarudden! At the beach there are changing rooms with toliets and showers. There are ramps for wheelchairs to the servicehouse and a custom toliet. At one of the beaches dogs are allowed but at the other one they are not.
Beach in Alter Valley with kiosk, jetty and outdoor privy. Works fine running a wheelchair both at the kiosk and jetty.
Brännträsk Swim Place, Terese Lindbäck
Beach at Sjulsmark.
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Sara Holm
Bunäsviken in Jävre is a small beach suitable for children, complete with a small beach and a place to change into swimwear.
Amanda Pogulis
With its own wonderful sandy beaches and shallow water, Gläntan is Piteå's own little beach paradise. From Piteå town centre, drive towards Pite Havsbad on road 506, and turn left towards Haraholmen. Follow the road until you see the sign to Sandängesstranden naturreservat.
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Hamnviken Swimming, Terese Lindbäck
A pleasant bathing spot boarded by a pier for bathers, allowing children to swim more safely. There is a toilet with a changing room near a little shop, and you can also rent a caravan pitch here. The bathing spot can be seen from Älvvägen road between Öjebyn and Böle.
women in colorful bathing caps
Hortlax bath has a swimming pool which is 16 meters long and 1 meter deep. We can offer a broad spectrum of activities. For example; bathing, swimming, water gymnnastics, gym, babyswim, massage, relaxdays and rental of our swinmming pool for special arrangements. We have swim education for the munic ...
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Lidträsket Swim Place, Terese Lindbäck
This little beach is located close to Swensbylijda and its perfekt for familys with children.
guys in bathhouse
Munksund Swimming pool offers a broad spectrum of activities. For example; bathing, swimming, water gymnnastics, gym, classical and shiatsu massage, relaxdays and rental of our swimming pool for special arrangements. We have swim education classes for the municipality's nine-year compulsory scho ...
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Katarina Johansson
Norrstrandsbadet offers city close beach. It's located close to both the city and the beautiful archipelago. For opening hours and daily updates visit the website.
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Norrstrands Pool and Camping, Stina Eriksson
Norrstrandsbadet offers an outdoor heated pool near the town center. It's located close to both the city and the beautiful archipelago with a beach. For opening hours and daily updates visit the website.
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Näsudden Swimming Area, Terese Lindbäck
Beach in Näsudden, Långnäs with a jetty, toilet and a room where you can change your clothes. Here it is possible to come out on the jetty with a wheelchair.
The Beach Pite Havsbad, Amanda Pogulis
Pite Havsbad - the Nordic Riviera! This is a long wite sandy beach of fine sand, shallow child-friendly sea, and one of two nudist beaches in the county of Norrbotten.
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Children by the pool
, Pite havsbad
This outdoor pool is placed right next to the beach and it's open daily during the summer when the weather permits.
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Adventure Bath Pite Havsbad, Pite Havsbad
Challenge, excitement or relaxation? The water park will entertain most people. Challenge a friend or colleague on the 81-metre water chute with a 10-metre drop and built-in timekeeping. Spin round a record number of times in the Space-bowl, which is guaranteed to end with a splash. Try out the ...
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Welcome to Pottan, a small beach connected to Hemlunda camping.   
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Sandöbadet Beach, Terese Lindbäck
A beutifully situated bathing place with a sauna with relax,  Lappish hut and outhouse. Here You may also play beachvolleyball, play at the playground or fish.  The cafécottage or/and the sauna can be rented for parties and other private arrangements.
We offer something to do for the whole family. Miniature golf, swim in the pool, sauna and bubblepool (for groups) or a refreshing swim in the Piteå River. Tennis and boule or a nice relaxing moment with the fishing rod is really what we call vacation.  Welcome!
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Welcome to our indoor swimming baths in Piteå. The swimming baths in Hortlax and Öjebyn offer warmbath during the week.  
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Piteå Kommun
Öjebyn indoor swimmingbath facilities offer indoor swimming baths, heated pool, sauna, jacuzzi, ACTIC gym, ( massage, Gymstick Muscel, water gym, indoor walking, Kettlebell bodymindclass and yoga! Your wellness on and off land! Welcome to us!
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