Snowmobile Trails in Piteå

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Snowmobile tour
Snowmobile tour. © PSSK

Piteå snowmobile club and Pite Municipality is working with the maintenance and development of snowmobile trails.
PIteå has several nice routes with shelters and bivouacs to choose from.

There are also snowmobile trails in the Piteå Archipelago.
Sometime in January when the ice is thick enough (minimum 30 cm), there will be snowmobile trails from Svartnäsudden (Bredänget) and to Mellerstön about 6 km and from there to Vargön about 2 km.
In addition, there are trails on those islands, please stick to them and show good consideration of the environment. 

You can find the Piteå snowmobile trail map På rätt led and Norrbotten snowmobile trail map Skoterkartan at Piteå Touristcenter.



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