Health Path Piteå

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Karlberg. © Stina Eriksson
  • Karlberg
    Karlberg. © Stina Eriksson
  • Karta över Hälsans stig Piteå
    Karta över Hälsans stig Piteå. © Piteå Kommun

Health Path is a safe and pedestrian-friendly trail, without any given start or ending point. The trail is typically 3-6 km long and runs where people normally walk. The Health Path is marked every kilometer with a sign which lets you figure out how far you've gone. In between ther will also be signs indicating which way the trail goes, no mather what direction you are walking in.

The Health Path in Piteå runs through the center of Piteå and extends out to Västra kajen/Södra hamn (the West Quay / South Harbour).



94131 Piteå

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