Guided city tours

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Rådhuset. © Piteå museum
  • Rådhuset
    Rådhuset. © Piteå museum
  • norrmalm
    norrmalm. © Piteå museum
  • Piteå museum illustration
    Piteå museum illustration. © Piteå museum

Welcome to a guided city tour with Piteå museum! A city tour is a great way to learn about the wooden town of Piteå. Within 60 minutes you will have an exciting journey through Piteå. We walk together around a selected distance in central Piteå, where we tell You about large and small events that have shaped Piteå. We learn more about who was living where and the historical events that occurred.

At least 5 reported for guidance and a maximum of 30 per group. For current dates and times, visit the calendar.



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