Guided tour Sikfors Power Station

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gamla_kraftverket . © Pressbild
  • gamla_kraftverket
    gamla_kraftverket . © Pressbild
  • Sikfors Kraftverksmuseum Exteriör Vy
    Sikfors Kraftverksmuseum Exteriör Vy. © Erik Lundström
  • Bridge
    Bridge. © Lasse Holm
  • Sikfors Kraftverksmuseum Interiör
    Sikfors Kraftverksmuseum Interiör. © Erik Lundström
  • Kraftstation Sikfors Foto: Lasse Holm
    Kraftstation Sikfors Foto: Lasse Holm. © Lasse Holm

Welcome to join us on a guided tour From sunshine to the 2-hole in the wall at Sikfors Power Museum. The tours are all held in Swedish.

On the tour, you will get the story of the salmon ladder, hanging bridge, railway bridge, Sikfors power station and Piteå River.

The guided tour starts from Sikforsgården where they handle all the booking and payments. The Power Station Museum is open for guided tours from june til october.

Sikfors old power plant, currently owned by Sikfors Interest Group, was commissioned in 1912, and became Norrbotten's first major power plant. It was Sikfors power plant who started the electrification of Norrbotten industry, of which Luleå Träsliperi AB in Karlshälla was the first industry.

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