Vargön - island in Piteå archipelago


Husknut stuga Vargön
Husknut stuga Vargön. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Husknut stuga Vargön
    Husknut stuga Vargön. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Vargön skylt
    Vargön skylt. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Flygbild Koskäret, Vargön
    Flygbild Koskäret, Vargön. © PK
  • Vy från brygga
    Vy från brygga. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Interiör Laxskärsstugan
    Interiör Laxskärsstugan. © Kultur och Fritid
  • Gästbok Laxskärsstugan
    Gästbok Laxskärsstugan. © Kultur och Fritid
  • Laxskärsstugan exteriör
    Laxskärsstugan exteriör. © Kultur och Fritid
  • Köksfönster Laxskärsstugan
    Köksfönster Laxskärsstugan. © Kultur och Fritid
  • Lampa från svunnen tid
    Lampa från svunnen tid. © Kultur och Fritid
  • Vy Vargön
    Vy Vargön. © Sofia Wellborg
  • PDF karta leder Vargön/Mellerstön
    PDF karta leder Vargön/Mellerstön.

On the big and green island the wildlife conservation area on Koskäret and Koskärshalsen is the most popular excursions. Here you have a chance to combine a refreshing bath at the long shallow sandy beach with a rejuvenating forest walk.

The bay is appreciated by boaters for its wind-protected location and the nice bath facilities. On the walk from Per-Steel bay is Laxskäret. Here you can see how a fishing cottage of the elderly cut looks, both internally and externally. The fishing cottage on Laxskäret and Forestry Board's cottage on Koskäret kept open to the public with the opportunity to overnight.

Bridge and toilet is available.


  • Access- reduced mobility/wheelchairs(ramp till värmestuga), toilet for disabled persons


  • Activities: nature trail, nature trails, swimming
  • Camping and cottage: chemical toilet
  • General facilities: fireplace
  • Harbour facility: guest harbour
  • Hire: cabins
  • Nature and terrain: beach, skerries
  • Other accommodation: fisherman's cabins



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