Stor-Räbben island


Båken i vinterskrud Stor-Räbben
Båken i vinterskrud Stor-Räbben. © Kultur och Fritid
  • Båken i vinterskrud Stor-Räbben
    Båken i vinterskrud Stor-Räbben. © Kultur och Fritid
  • Vy Stor - Räbben
    Vy Stor - Räbben. © Kultur och Fritid
  • Vy från Båt Stor Räbben
    Vy från Båt Stor Räbben.
  • Vy Stor-Räbben
    Vy Stor-Räbben. © Piteå Turistbyrå
  • Horisont från Stor-Räbben
    Horisont från Stor-Räbben. © Kultur och Fritid
  • Vy Stor- Räbben
    Vy Stor- Räbben. © Kultur och Fritid
  • Båken Stor-Räbben
    Båken Stor-Räbben. © Turistbyrån

Stor-Räbben is a very beautiful island, with a catastrophic barren nature different from the nature that exists on the mainland. The island is included along with Lill-Räbben, Stenskär, Norra Bondökallen and Olasvenskallen in a nature reserve. The latter two islands are bird protection of nesting greylag goose, eider and towers muzzle. 

On Stor Räbben there are plenty of remnants of ancient seal hunters and fishermen when Stor Räbben was the archipelago's largest fishing camps in the 1800s. The remains are ancient mazes and house foundations. These are assembled around the large beacon crowning the island's peak. As a beacon can be found easily by following a marked trail. Another interesting relic of the island is a number-slab. On a vertical rock you can find water marks engraved - The top is marked 1750 and the lowest in 1884. At that time, people thought that the amended water line was caused by the sea falling away. Nowadays, we know that it is due to land rising.

Jetty and toilet is available


A cottage is for rent and tourboats can take you here - read more at this website,


  • Camping and cottage: chemical toilet
  • General facilities: fireplace
  • Harbour facility: guest harbour
  • Nature and terrain: nature reserve


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