Stenskär - island in Piteå archipelago


Vy över stugor på Stenskär
Vy över stugor på Stenskär. © SW
  • Vy över stugor på Stenskär
    Vy över stugor på Stenskär. © SW
  • Skylt Stenskär
    Skylt Stenskär. © SW
  • Strandvial

The quiet, sparkling lagoon at Stenskär attracts many visitors with its long sandy beach. The island also has a rich bird life, archaeological remains of old labyrinths and far into the creak there is a picturesque fishing village with redpainted, fishermen's cottages.

It should be remembered that Stenskär is part of a nature reserve, which means that visitors should show respect for nature while here. Fishing enthusiasts can make their way to the Sound between Lill- and Stor-Leskär to find excellent grayling.

On Stenskär is a labyrinth - it's significance is unknown, but they appear in the Norrland coast. Perhaps they were built to bring luck to the men fishing.


  • Activities: swimming
  • Camping and cottage: chemical toilet
  • General facilities: fireplace, sauna, windbreak
  • Harbour facility: guest harbour
  • Nature and terrain: nature reserve(Bondöfjärdens), skerries



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