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Minnessten Solander
Minnessten Solander.
  • Minnessten Solander
    Minnessten Solander.
  • Solanderparken
    Solanderparken. © Bild: Kulturskylt Solanderparken
  • Solanderparken
    Solanderparken. © Bild:Solanderparken

The Solander Society was formed in spring 1999 in Öjebyn, Old Town of Piteå, the birthplace of Daniel C Solander. The aim of the Society is to honour the memory of Solander. The Society has layed out a small garden, the Solander Garden, at the very spot where Solander was born.

The garden is lovely surrounded by the small church-cottages of the old town. In the middle of the garden there is a monument, "Solanders stenar"(Stones of Solander). The monument is made out of a solid rock taken from the primary rock outside the village. The rock has the shape of a wave and on top of the rock a globe is placed. The names of the places Solander visited are engraved on the globe.

The Society has got financial support from the Royal Swedish Academy of Science and from the Swedish Linnean Society as well as the local business community and the city council.


  • Access: open to the public
  • Season: Summer


Sockengränd 2
94333 Öjebyn


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