Memorial stone - Battle of Pitsund


Minnesstenen Pitsund
Minnesstenen Pitsund. © Pressbild
  • Minnesstenen Pitsund
    Minnesstenen Pitsund. © Pressbild
  • Minnesstenens text
    Minnesstenens text. © Pressbild
  • Hans majestät konungen vid minnesstenen
    Hans majestät konungen vid minnesstenen. © Pressbild
  • Kungligt besök vid minnesstenen
    Kungligt besök vid minnesstenen. © Pressbild
During the Swedish-Russian war (1808-09) Russian soldiers came to Piteå again but not nearly to the same harmful consequences as before.

The very last shot on Swedish territory in this war was during the Battle of Pitsund August 25, 1809.


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