Breakfast with the enterprise of Piteå may 17th


  • Frukost med näringslivet i Piteå
    Frukost med näringslivet i Piteå
  • David Sundström
    David Sundström
  • Frukost 9 maj 2016
    Frukost 9 maj 2016
  • Mingelbild frukost 11 april2016
    Mingelbild frukost 11 april2016
  • Mingel 4 april2016
    Mingel 4 april2016
  • Mingel 14 mars2016
    Mingel 14 mars2016

Business Breakfast which is created by and for businesses. Where entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and successful ventures hailed. Where we highlight the positive image of doing business in Piteå. Along with the annual Enterprise Awards, this is the widest meeting place for entrepreneurs, businesses, creative professionals, the business community, organizations, and networking.

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Hotellvägen 50
94131 Piteå


  • handicap friendly


Piteå City: Km.

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