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The Nature reserve of Bondöfjärden is located about 10 km southeast of Piteå in the Piteå archipelago. The reserve covers a 10-speech islands in Bondöfjärden. The islands are part of the geological nationwide interesting Pite River ridge. The reserve is about 5510 hectares, including 188 ha of la ...
The nature reserve Döman is about 2.5 mil south of Piteå and about 9 km SE of Jävre in Piteå Kommun. The reserve includes the two islands Gråsjälen and Döman located just south of Jävre-Sandön in Piteå inner archipelago. The reserve domain is approximately 74 hectares and was formed in 1997. Nearest ...
Jenny Axelsson
Almost in the centre of Piteå, in Inrefjärden is Fingermanholmen close and available by boat and kajak during summertime. At winter it's only a skitrip away. Tha sauna is only available during summer. Sandy beaches small paths and interesting history! Well worth a visit.
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Stina Eriksson
With its own wonderful sandy beaches and shallow water, Gläntan is Piteå's own little beach paradise. From Piteå town centre, drive towards Pite Havsbad on road 506, and turn left towards Haraholmen. Follow the road until you see the sign to Sandängesstranden naturreservat.
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Pyrola, Bild: Pyrola
The nature reserve Lustgården is about 2.5 mil north of Piteå and about 6 km EN of Rosfors Bruk in Piteå kommun. Lustgården is approximately 315 hectares and the reserve was established in 1997. The name Lustgården is a local name used long before the nature reserve was set up. The name implies t ...
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Magnus Pudas
Patta Peken includes a number of islands in the outer part of Piteå archipelago and have a rich flora and bird life. The reserve has many remnants of the old-time fishing. The islands are scattered in the north-south direction and the distance between the northern and southern island is just ...
Ecopark Rosfors, Stina Eriksson
Historic ironworks at Rosfors, an old manor house now a conference centre and hotel.
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Some of the cottages at Stenskär, Sofia Wellborg
The quiet, sparkling lagoon at Stenskär attracts many visitors with its long sandy beach. The island also has a rich bird life, archaeological remains of old labyrinths and far into the creak there is a picturesque fishing village with redpainted, fishermen's cottages. It should be remembered that ...
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Power in the whitewater, Evelina Sandberg
The nature reserve was established in 1971 and expanded in 1997. Europe's highest unbound rapids are located by road 374, 40 kilometers west of Älvsbyn. The fall distance is five kilometers and the fall height 82 meters. The last two kilometers the river falls 60 meters. In addition to the rapids, y ...
Linda Buska
Stor-Räbben is a very beautiful island, with a catastrophic barren nature different from the nature that exists on the mainland. The island is included along with Lill-Räbben, Stenskär, Norra Bondökallen and Olasvenskallen in a nature reserve. The latter two islands are bird protection of nesting gr ...
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Sanne Brännström
Reserve Svartliden is approximately 65 hectares and was formed in 1997. The reserve consists of an old forest with a lot of herbs. The forest is dominated by spruce with large element of aspen, birch and sallow. Partly very coarse spruces and aspen occur. Lying dead trees (logs), holestree and coars ...
Sten Olsson
The reserve is located in Piteå inner archipelago and includes Lill-Rönnskäret, Storstensrevet and three bird-rich islands i the northern and eastern parts of the reserve. The reserve is a valuable nesting and resting place for numerous bird species.
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Signs on Vargön, Sofia Wellborg
On the big and green island the wildlife conservation area on Koskäret and Koskärshalsen is the most popular excursions. Here you have a chance to combine a refreshing bath at the long shallow sandy beach with a rejuvenating forest walk. There are two cabins for rent here, you'll need a boat to get ...
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