Piteå Archipelago

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Flygbild Vargön 1170x488
Flygbild Vargön 1170x488. © PK
  • Flygbild Vargön 1170x488
    Flygbild Vargön 1170x488. © PK
  • Vargön  1170x488
    Vargön 1170x488.
  • Stuga Stor-Räbben 1170x488
    Stuga Stor-Räbben 1170x488.
  • Skyltar Vargön 1170x488
    Skyltar Vargön 1170x488. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Fyren Rönnskär
    Fyren Rönnskär.
  • Koskäret 1170x488
    Koskäret 1170x488.
  • Solnedgång Bottenviken 1170x488
    Solnedgång Bottenviken 1170x488. © ArctivActivities
  • Packis Piteå Skärgård 1170x488
    Packis Piteå Skärgård 1170x488. © ArctivActivities
  • Skotrar på rad  1170x488
    Skotrar på rad 1170x488. © ArctivActivities
  • Haraholmen ishav 1170x488
    Haraholmen ishav 1170x488.

Piteå archipelago offers unique flora, genuine historic environments with fascinating ancient monuments and wonderful, long, sandy beaches. Relax in peace and quiet, explore the archipelago in your own boat or head out on our tour boat on a seal safari, a sightseeing tour or a glorious day of swimming and sunbathing. Boats depart from the southern or northern harbour and boat taxis, canoes and kayaks are available to rent.

Piteå archipelago has a wealth of experiences to offer all year round and it never ceases to amaze!

Enjoy the archipelago from dry land at Pite Havsbad, where, while cooling your feet from a landing stage in the harbour, you can take in the view over the beautiful seascape.



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