The icebreaker on its way, Pressbild
Welcome to our Arctic Ice-breaker safari in Piteå archipelago! Listen to the sound of the ice blocks being crushed against the hull of the boat. Experience what it feels to break up 70 cm of compact ice. Challenge the laws of nature under safe and comfortable conditions on the Artic Explorer. In thi ...
+46 +358 207 437 100
Nordisk sjötaxi
The tourboat M/B Transkär is owned by Nordisk Sjötaxi and is currently stationed at Piteå Archipelago. Please contact them for more information, rent her for a tour or a transfer to one of the cottages for rent.
+46 070 265 58 89
Sofia Wellborg
Piteå Boat Club has its club house out in Piteå Archipelago, on the island Svinöra. Here we have a kiosk, living room, porch, dry toilet and dancing place both outside and inside. Shower and sauna are also available. The marina has about 50 places for boats and some nights it can be completely full ...
+46 0911 24 41 13 *

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