Ice fishing


Piteå kokmmun
Here we plant rainbow trout. Djuptjärn is a forest lake of 10 hectares, average depth of 2.2 m, maximum depth of 5 m. There are boards around the whole lake to walk on, and there is even a newly build hut with a stove, which is excellent to sleep in.  
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Holsträsket Fishing Permit, Terese Lindbäck
Regulary restocked with rainbow trout, salmon trout, grayling, perch and pike. There are boats that you can hire on the south side of the lake as well as parking areas for caravans. On the south side there is a cabin, landing stage, fishing pier, toilet and fireplace suitable for disabled. Open for ...
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Jävrebodarnas fishingcamp, Jävrebodarnas fiskecamp
The complete Put and take fishing plant in pleasant surroundings. In a sealed off bay surrounded by bridges you can fish for seabred rainbow trout. Spinning, fly fishing, angling and ice fishing in winter. Fishing gear for hire. Here you are GUARANTEED A BITE! Here's also a cafeteria, cara ...
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Piteå kokmmun
Here you can fish for trout and char. Annually implanted.  
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