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Piteå kommun
Discover more of Piteå! Get inspiration to visit all of Piteå, the villages around the Piteå countryside invites you to experience much more, all in a safe way due to these times, get a broschure and discover villages, things to see and do. There are a facebookpage in Swedish to help you on the way. ...
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Piteå Turistcenter
Cykelpasset is orienteering on bike. You will get a map with 24 controls marked by each control there is a question with three choices. Good luck!    
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Kultur park och fritid
Discover Piteå's fantastic nature by getting inspired through the hiking card Hike in Piteå. Hike in Piteå is a challenge for kids and adults alike where Kultur, Park and Fritid have gathered ten tops and trails to take on this summer. On the card you'll find four trails and six mountain tops i ...
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Sara Holm
Are you sick to be on the beach? Take a guide round out in the wild. Naturpasset is Swedish Orienteering Federation and Sveaskog's common wellness effort. Together with the local association Piteå IF's guide section, we can in Piteå offer you three natural pass: Grisberget, Vallsberget and Havsb ...
Piteå kommun
This is a guide to the 17 parkareas in central Piteå, Munksund and Öjebyn. You'll find the card for The Park Expedition at Piteå Tourist Centre, at City Hall, Piteå Town Library and Öjebyn's Library.  
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Maria Söderberg
Top of Piteå/Top of Bidum (Bidum is the pite sami name for Piteå) Top of Piteå is a concept which started in Arjeplog in 2012, Top of Arjeplog. It soon became a success that Maria Söderberg brought to Piteå - and the pitebor we're quick to embrace it. The idea behind Top of Piteå is to provide ...
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