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Elin Johansson
Piteå's sculpture Park Konstparken at Norra Hamn (the North Harbor district) is available around the clock. The park houses twenty sculptures themed around sea and water. By booking a guided tour you will get to know more about the park and the different works there. I will tell you about the sculpt ...
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John Bauer
A walk in the lands of myth. Together we explore three woods: the wood that was, the wood that is - and the wild wood of imagination. You will find out about the magical creatures that were still lurking behind the threetrunks just a few generations ago: the seductive Lady of the Woods, the illusive ...
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Böle Garveri AB
Böle tannery is a true story. Founded in 1899, we are the last standing spruce bark tannery in the world. Under the same roof, we craft our unique cattle leather into bags and other leather goods.  Our products are made to last and to age with style. We genuinely believe that we make the world's be ...
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Piteå museum
Welcome to a guided city tour with Piteå museum! A city tour is a great way to learn about the wooden town of Piteå. Within 60 minutes you will have an exciting journey through Piteå. We walk together around a selected distance in central Piteå, where we tell You about large and small events that ha ...
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Isabella Björkman
Guided tour in swedish. The church of Hortlax was finished in 1917 and the work had started in 1913 when Hortlax became it's own parish. The church is built as a cross church, made of stone in Jugend style and affected by the Gothic style.
Welcome to join us on a guided tour From sunshine to the 2-hole in the wall at Sikfors Power Museum. The tours are all held in Swedish. On the tour, you will get the story of the salmon ladder, hanging bridge, railway bridge, Sikfors power station and Piteå River. The guided tour starts from ...
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Piteå Kommun
Welcome to a guided tour through Öjeby Church Town. Visit Öjebyn's beautiful 1400-century church. There is also the old parish hall, which is converted into a museum of church huts history. Church Cottage 28 is a display house with four rooms decorated with things from the past. The guide wi ...
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Sofia Wellborg
Welcome to a guided tour of the church Piteå Visit beautiful Piteå church located in the city center. It is one of Norrland's oldest wooden churches, from 1686. reredos, pulpit and organ facade is extremely watchable. The guide will show you around and tell you about the history of the Church.
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Scull engraving from a floor stone in Piteå Church., Elin Johansson
A town tour of the dark side. Thinking about moving to Piteå? Do you really know what you are getting into? Come along for a historic walk in central Piteå focused on all the things left out of the tourist brochures: feuds, wars, ghosts, scandals and death. If you still want to move here, at least y ...
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Furunäset, Piteå, is a beautiful place with beautiful buildings – and a horrible past. During almost one hundred years of institutional care, thousands of people passed through the gates of the now closed hospital – many of them never to leave again. Take a walking tour of the grounds of the former ...
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The lighthouse… A symbol of safety, but also of loneliness and isolation. Take a guided tour of the lighthouse in the village of Jävre and listen to the story of how what used to be Skag Lighthouse ended up here, details about the lighthouse-building era in nearby Sandhamn and tales of lighthouses a ...
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Piteå Museum Illustration, Piteå Museum
Demonstration of the exhibition of Piteå museum for pre-arranged groups as well as guided tours about the history of Piteå. For current dates and time, visit our website.
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Bild: Sofia Wellborg
Guided tours available by appointment, in Solandergården and the Solander park.
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Maria Nilsson
Come and see the solar cell which provide electricity to the whole facility of AlterHeden! Only for groups of 15 or bigger!  Welcome!
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The creek by Sadelinska kvarnen, Stina Eriksson
Whether you are a small group, an entire school class or a larger party, you are welcome to book a guided tour at Swensbylijda homestead. Do you want a customized approach, for example, guide and lunch, we arrange that too. Please call to make a reservation or get more information. The history ...
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Karin Stare
Journey through time along Arkeologistigen (the Archeologist Trail) in the coastal village of Jävre. We will visit ancient burial mounds and study how the last Ice Age have shaped the land. During our hike you will find out why archeologists are not to be trusted and what sort of animal a "Laying He ...
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Rhubarb safari, Maria Nilsson
The Rhubarbs history, growth, kinds, pictureshow and a lot more. Rhubarb-inspired fika - tasting - shopping. The tour can be upgraded with for example woked Palt. Price is inkluding coffee with cookie. Prebooking - minimum 15 persons, available all year. Time 1,5 h.  
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Elin Johansson's specialty is storytelling-walks about Swedish folklore and legend, ghosts and goblins. She also offers guided tours in Swedish or English of (among other things) central Piteå, Öjeby Church and Church Town, the former asylum at Furunäset, the natural reserve of Storforsen, Jävre ...
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