Fitness centre


Actic in Piteå
Here you can train both strength and cardio training. The machines are modern and easy to use. You also get access to swimming pools in Öjebyn, Hortlax or Munksund. Welcome!
+46 0911 69 63 90 *
Your training experience in city. Welcome to us!
+46 0911 27 75 50 *
This is a gym with modern equipment, please contact us for more information.
+46 070 643 54 23
Star by Thomson
Exercise should feel fun and inspiring, through a personal consultation we can help you find your way! Try our new concept in weight training, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, fitness, vibration training, spinning, corporate health, massage, diet and fitness advice. Please contact us to get more infor ...
+46 0911 310 50 *
Step In Piteå BackCity
Fitness centre located Piteå. Open around the clock seven days a week. Welcome!  
+46 0911 398 80 *
Step In Piteå BackCity
Step In offers a complete wellness center with fitness, massages, weight loss programs, lectures, courses, and physical therapy and rehabilitation.  We give you access to skilled and professional staff in a pleasant environment. For opening hours and membership, read more at our website. We ...

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