Keeper of the Light

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Fyren brinner!
Fyren brinner!.
  • Fyren brinner!
    Fyren brinner!.
  • Skags Fyr with the bell.
    Skags Fyr with the bell.. © Piteå Turistcenter
The lighthouse… A symbol of safety, but also of loneliness and isolation. Take a guided tour of the lighthouse in the village of Jävre and listen to the story of how what used to be Skag Lighthouse ended up here, details about the lighthouse-building era in nearby Sandhamn and tales of lighthouses and lighthouse keepers through the ages. 

The tour takes app. 60 minutes and ends with a climb to the top of the lighthouse and a visit to the outer platform. Those that do not appreciate heights can stroll the charming harbour area nearby instead.

To find out the price for your party, or make a booking, contact me. 

All the best!
/Elin Johansson 
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