Piteå Kyrka

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Piteå city church
Piteå city church. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Piteå city church
    Piteå city church. © Sofia Wellborg
  • Piteå kyrka interiör SW1 1170x488
    Piteå kyrka interiör SW1 1170x488. © foto: Sofia Wellborg
  • Piteå stadskyrka sommar SW1
    Piteå stadskyrka sommar SW1. © Sofia Wellborg - orig
  • Exteriör Piteå kyrka vinter
    Exteriör Piteå kyrka vinter. © PK

Piteå kyrka is one of the oldest wooden churches in the upper Norrland.
When Piteå got town privileges 1621 the center of the town was located in Öjebyn. After a fire in 1666 the entire town was deserted, and the decision of moving the town to where it is located today was taken. The population of Piteå grew and each Sunday the towns people had to travel to Öjebyn to go to church. Therefore the idea of building a church of their own came to mind. Due to economical reasons it took a few years before the building of the church came to life.
But the year 1686 the Piteå people could proudly show of their own chruch, that still stands today over 300 years later.

At the beginning of the 18th century the Russian army rampaged the coast of Norrland and destroyed everything in their way. 1721 the Russian army reached Piteå and burned most of the town down but the church somehow managed to survive. 

Piteå church has been restored, rebuild and expanded during the centuries. The character is however well preserved and therefore the Piteå church is of great historical and cultural value and well worth a visit.



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